CSAT paper II 2017 online course

CSAT paper II (prelims)


  • 6 Full length CSAT paper II online Mock tests.
  • Weekly targets & assessment.
  • Practice papers & other important questions in pdf.
  • Speed Tests
  • Know your strength areas
  • Identify your weakest topics
  • Identify questions that take most/least time
  • Time management

Course duration &Fee structure:

  • 4 months, 1.September 2016 to 30.December.2016
  • Total cost [including taxes] – Rs.1000/-

How it works?

  • You will be provided weekly targets i.e. you will be asked to prepare two to three topics weekly. On weekends we will evaluate how well you prepared the given topics through practice papers or test papers. Also at the end of every month we will conduct full length CSAT paper II online test.
  • We offer you the most comprehensive result feedback of the tests by providing you the personalized report which highlights your strengths and weakness. This allows you to assess your strategies and prepare accordingly.

Details of Topics to be covered during the course:

This will include:

  • Comprehension based on issues.
  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills.
  • Logical reasoning & analytical ability
  • Decision making & problem solving
  • General mental ability
  • Basic numeracy
  • English language comprehension skills (Class X level).

Fee structure:

Course fee Rs.1000/-



FEE [including taxes]

GS Prelim cum Mains

  • Complete course coverage with targets

  • Personal guidance of mentors
  • Test Series
  • Worksheets

Course fee Rs. 4000/-

Discount – Rs. 800/-

Total amount Rs. 3200/-

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[Discount valid till 15.August.2016]

GS paper I – Test series

  • Only GS Test series (prelim)
Course fee Rs. 3000/-Discount Nil

Total amount Rs. 3000/

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CSAT paper II – Test series

  • Only CSAT paper II Test series (prelim)
Course fee Rs. 1500/-Discount Rs. 500/-

Total amount Rs. 1000/

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What if I joined late?

You will not miss anything if you join late. We will be conducting previous speed tests as well and full length tests online for those who join late. This will also give an opportunity to those who appeared for the test earlier to evaluate & enhance their performance again.

How Full length Tests will be conducted?

This is not just a test paper rather a complete online assessment programme.

  • Each online test will contain 80 questions. 2.5 marks will be rewarded to every correct answer.
  • There will be negative marking as 1/3 of the mark allotted to each answer (same as UPSC pattern).
  • PDF copy of fully solved test paper (with explanation of each answer) will be also available on our website. You can download or make print out according to your convenience.
  • Those who join late or could not appear for online test on a particular date will also get an opportunity to access the online test later on any upcoming date according to their convenience.

Full length test will be available for download in pdf?

Yes, one could easily download completely solved (with explanation of each answer) full length test in pdf.

What are speed tests?

Basic aim of these tests is to enhance your problem solving speed and efficiency. Test will be conducted comprising approx 20 questions from the weekly targets. Minimum solving time will be allotted to each question and you will be asked to solve complete test within the prescribed time limit.

What sort of weekly practice papers or test papers?

Practice papers/test papers will contain 10 to 20 important questions from weekly selected topics. It aims at evaluating your efficiency in accomplishing the given target.

What will you get at the end?

You will have a collection of important questions from each topic in pdf + 6 full length tests. Also after following our programme you will realize that you stand a great chance at being successful in Indian civil services examination and attain desired results.

How to enroll for the course?

To enroll/register for CSAT paper II 2017 online course click here – Register for CSAT paper II 2017 online To enroll/register for combo offer, select & click on ‘enroll’ given in the above table

Contact us – civilmentor.in@gmail.com

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