GS Prelim Test Series 2019 online course

GS Prelim cum Mains 2019

Course will commence from  – 25.April.2018

Course Duration – April 2018 to Janury 2019

Details of the course:

Course will be conducted in 3 phases:

Phase I

Aim – Base building and concept clarification

Micro plans – covering NCERT

Tests – Objective type (10+2 level)

Guidance – Personal guidance (through emails and live chat)

Phase II –

Aim – Analytical aspect and In-depth knowledge of each topic

Macro plans – Covering additional books + current affairs

Tests – Objective Type (level of question will be same as UPSC)

Guidance – Personal guidance + discussion on forum

Phase III –

Aim – Develop writing skills, build confidence among aspirants, doubt-clear sessions, complete coverage of the syllabus.

Macro extensive plans – covering NCERT + addtional books + current affairs + Other miscellaneous sources

Tests – Objective Type (prelims) + Worksheets (Mains)

Guidance – Personal guidance + discussion on forum

Course includes:

  • Total number of tests – total 35 Tests (25 static + 10 Current affairs tests)
  • Worksheets – 4 worksheets
  • Daily/Weekly targets and guidance required to accomplish them.
  • Tests available in both online and offline mode.
  • Questions are according to the changing pattern of Prelims Exam of UPSC 2018/19.
  • Separate tests for India Year Book, Manorama Year Book, Economic Survey etc. with special attention.
  • Students will get a detailed solution of each question paper as well.
  • PDF of solved test series available to download.
  • Personal guidance by mentors

Download schedule of first 15 days – Daily Targets schedule 

[Please note: Complete schedule will be provided to registered candidates only]

What’s New this time?

Separate tests for  monthly current affairs will be conducted in addition to other tests. There will be total 10 current affairs tests covering current affairs from January 2018 to May 2019 . This implies that few static tests + 1 current affairs test will be conducted every month. Current Affairs Test will include 100 questions completely based on recent happenings and important topics in news.

How our subscriber’s of previous Batches have performed: Here we have uploaded few worksheets of our subscribers: worksheet         new-doc-1_2

Syllabus covered in Tests:

  • Current Events of National and International Importance.
  • History of India and Indian National Movement.
  • Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.
  • Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public policy, Rights Issues etc.
  • Economic and Social Development, Sustainable Development,Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector Initiatives etc.
  • General Issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change
  • General Science

Sample Questions – GS Prelim cum Mains Test Series – Sample questions

How this course is relevant?

This not just a test series but a complete preparation course where you will be given daily/weekly targets followed by test to evaluate your target accomplishment task. Also you will be provided worksheets for mains answer writing practice. Our mentors will evaluate your worksheets.

We will guide you step by step –

  • How to start a particular topic/subject.
  • What to study what not to.
  • Sources of preparation.
  • How to avoid negative marking.
  • Help you in identifying your weak area and provide required guidance.
  • Time management.
  • Answer writing skills

List of sources:

  1. Bipan Chandra (History)
  2. Laxmikant (Polity)
  3. CCRT (Indian Culture)
  4. G.C leon (Physical Geography)
  5. D.R Kullar (Indian Georaphy)
  6. Ramesh Singh (Indian Economy)
  7. NCERTs (6th to 12th class)
  8. GS Manual
  9. Year Book
  10. Economic Survey
  11. Newspaper and current affairs magazines
  12. Other sources (Will be disclosed to registered candidates only)

These all sources will be covered in this course.

What is GS Prelim cum Mains 2019 online course?

This is an online course for preparation of preliminary and Mains examination of civil services examination conducted by UPSC. Under this we will guide you step by step by providing daily targets covering whole of the syllabus till end of the course. Your target accomplishment task and performance will be checked through online tests. We will conduct 35 Tests based on UPSC prelim paper I. We will provide you the source to prepare topics/subjects as well as guide you how to approach and what to study and what not to. Current affairs will also be covered of both the years i.e 2018 and 2019. Also you will be provided worksheets for Mains answer writing practice.


  • Complete coverage of syllabus of preliminary examination as well as Mains examination.
  • Currents affairs of 2018 and 2019 covered separately.
  • Dynamic as well as static syllabus of Mains GS paper I, II and III will be covered.
  • Daily Targets, Weekly targets, Study source and performance check.
  • Each student will be provided a mentor for instant guidance.
  • All material available in pdf
  • Keep you updated with important daily news/events
  • Minimize efforts in preparing
  • Comprehensive and lucid
  • Aims at clearing concepts
  • Develops answer writing skills

Fee structure:

Course fee                      Rs.4500/-

Discount available    –Rs. 500/-           (discount available for limited period)

Total cost                   Rs.4000/   

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FEE [including taxes]

GS Prelim cum Mains 2019

  • Complete course coverage with targets

  • Personal guidance of mentors
  • Test Series (35 Tests)
  • Worksheets

Course fee     Rs. 4500/-

Discount –      Rs. 500/-

Total amount  Rs. 4000/-  

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(Admission open)

GS paper I – Test series

  • Only GS Test series (prelim)
Course fee       Rs. 3000/-Discount                 Nil

Total amount    Rs. 3000/– 

               => click to Enrol 

Admission closed

CSAT paper II – Test series

  • Only CSAT paper II Test series (prelim)
Course fee     Rs. 2000/-

Total amount  Rs. 2000/–   

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Will you be able to download Tests in PDF?

Yes, one could easily download completely solved (with explanation of each answer) tests in pdf.

How do we conduct Tests? We have made a separate web portal ( so that aspirants can access our articles without any sort of distraction like advertisement, online chatting, etc. + our web portal is mobile friendly. It is 24 x 7 accessible via laptop, computer, tablet, mobile etc. You will be provided an email id (Only for subscribers) through which you can contact us any time, we will reply you within 24 hours. Tests will be conducted online on under the head “Subscriber’s Portal”.

How this web portal works?

Web portal will provide you a real time exam atmosphere where exam will be conducted online. Timer will start as soon as you click on start test button. There will be 100 questions. 2 marks will be rewarded to every correct answer. There will be negative marking as 1/3 of the mark allotted to each wrong answer (same as UPSC pattern).  You can appear for the test as many times as you wish. Performance report will be generated after completion of  each test.

What is not included in the course?

You will not be provided self prepared notes. We do not want to limit your preparation to our notes claiming them as best notes like every other coaching institute, rather we will help you to prepare your notes. Handouts may be provided by our team if we find any topic not covered in any source or students finding difficult to understand from the given sources.

How to enrol for the course?

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